After failing my first attempt at the SAICA APC I was defeated and discouraged. I realized I needed to do something different for the 2nd attempt but did not know what exactly. APT professional program allocated Siphokazi as my mentor and through the sessions, we had she really helped me plan ahead during the months approaching the big day and the big win.
I really enjoyed the one-on-one sessions as they covered a very broad spectrum of issues from the mental health, study approach, future career plans, just to mention a few. I would really recommend her as a mentor as she is an all-rounder, understanding, and gives constructive feedback and recommendations.

Sibusiso Mhlanga

Mrs. Mbili is an exceptional mentor and assisted me in reaching my academic goals in 2021. She provided practical inputs based on the feedback provided to her during our sessions. She also provided much-needed emotional support and ensured that principles of self-leadership, accountability, and trust were maintained throughout all our engagements. I highly recommend her services, not only because they worked for me, but because her passion for mentoring came through in every session. Her passion is what sets her apart. I will definitely be utilizing her mentoring services again for professional development and growth.

Nhlakanipo Meke

Thank you so much for the role you played in me becoming a qualified CA(SA). I failed APC exams three times, and I was on the verge of giving up. I did not understand why that was happening when I passed previous exams without any difficulties. However, you became my mentor, and in that process, you helped me unpack the real reasons I was not doing well in APC. i.e. lack of proper planning, not fully understanding the APC exam, and most importantly, unresolved family issues. After the coaching period, I was so confident in myself. I knew way before writing that I was going to pass the exam, a feeling that was never there before meeting you. So I would recommend you to anyone who is struggling to achieve their goals and doesn’t understand why that is happening. I really appreciate you and may God bless you, your family, and your work.

Mbuso Denese

At the time of the first session, I was hoping for someone to help me emotionally through a difficult time. Not just to console me, but inspire and provide direction and produce momentum in my life in a completely different set of circumstances. From that first session, Mrs. Mbili assisted me greatly in establishing goals. Thank you for your inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing session after five months of coaching with Mrs. Siphokazi Mbili, my attitude about myself, my career has shifted 120 degrees. As I stepped into a new role as Acting Deputy Director I sought out a professional executive coach to assist, advise and coach me through the transition into my next career stage and has become one of, if not, the best decisions I have ever made. Mrs. Siphokazi creates a progressive balance between coaching, mentoring, informing, and challenging that has helped me, this has created the right relationships with my subordinates as my team, allowing us to move key strategic initiatives forward in a much more comprehensive and effective manner, helped us with our development as a team and how we work and communicate together and has helped me grow my leadership capability, credibility and results.

Mrs Nokulunga Nkosi

Acting Deputy Director

My coaching experience was of great value to me. I learned a lot about myself and through the coaching, I developed a more positive outlook and attitude on life in general, and I managed to do so at a challenging time. I was very comfortable having Sis Siphokazi as my coach and that had to do with how she went about my process of self-mastery. Every week she would make sure there is something I seek to unpack about me and the situation I had found myself in, then a week later we would converse and build on that. The growth was constant. The coaching was more like a wake-up call in my life. I was like a train that had gone off track and needed someone to bring him back onto the path I needed to be on, and Sis Siphokazi was that someone. This is a process I would advise almost everyone to go through because, in one way or another, we are all facing obstacles that we do not know how to overcome, and to have someone like Sis Siphokazi guiding us through it would do you the world of good. 

Mihlali Matross

I was privileged to have an opportunity to work and had Mrs. Siphokazi Mbili as a Coach and Mentor. What impressed me was her level of professionalism and, depth of knowledge in this field. I would call her approach in the field “developmental”. Mrs. Mbili was able to unearth from me a way of putting me out there and to discover opportunities in the professional space and to be noticed and heard. I work in an environment that is highly regulated and red tape, as well as protocol, is the order of the day. This will put you in a very dark and despondent hole, and I lost my sense of purpose. Coach Mbili was very encouraging in her approach, and she showed me how to navigate my way through challenging and changing the status quo which can sometimes hamper and damage your progress and attitude towards the future. That future is creativity, critical thinking, and most of all, to focus on oneself in terms of self-development and self-empowering through various platforms. These are the lessons learned from the 10 or so sessions I’ve had with coach Siphokazi.
I’m pleased to recommend and endorse Mrs. Siphokazi Mbili to anyone or organization as a Coach and Mentor.

Vincent Rowly Dhladhla

Deputy Director: HR & Support Services

As a beneficiary of the passion-filled and gifted work done by Siphokazi over the past 2 years, I have been able to recognize and quantify growth in both my professional and personal aspects. Her principled, tailored and solution-driven approach to matters we have tackled has enabled me to practically identify and manage hindrances to my growth and implement appropriate structures for change and success till today. The relationship we have built and her understanding of me as an individual is one I aim to keep for years to come.

Mihle Masekwana