Siphokazi Mbili

Born and bred in KwaZulu Natal, Siphokazi is a CA(SA) and Business and Executive Coach. She began her training through the Coach practitioners programme at SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) and progressed to completing a Master of Management in Business and Executive Coaching (MMBEC), through the Wits Business School. She has had wide experience of working in a few of the greatest corporate organisations in South Africa. Siphokazi is also experienced in leadership as a Risk and Audit committee member and a member of a Learning and Development Committee in a reputable and leading Professional body in South Africa (SAICA).  She is also an accredited SAICA Assessor.

Her ultimate passion is people and their personal development. She founded Dynamic Growth Services, which provides solutions for individuals’ personal development needs.
“From an early stage in my life, I noticed that people naturally gravitated towards me when they sought counsel and when they wanted to make shifts in their lives. I also had a deep desire to help people realise their greatest and full potential and support them to reach their goals.”

“I believe the best way to implement personal development and transformation is through coaching and mentoring. Imagine having a personal and business development specialist who will guide, facilitate and support you and hold you accountable to your goals and all that you desire to achieve.”

“Having a person to support you in your career, or your business to achieve success, is close to my heart. We often underestimate ourselves and our capabilities as we do not put ourselves out there and put our capabilities to the test. We also do not take the time to invest in our development and growth. I intend on providing you with that space to put your greatness to the test. Once you see the possibilities, you will wonder what you had been waiting for all your life.”

Why I do what I do?

My passion for helping people to succeed through personal development is the reason that I coach, facilitate and mentor. My experience in corporate has given me perspective and I can relate to and understand the need for more support to help leaders, managers, professionals, and students in their personal and career development journey. The process of coaching and mentoring facilitates the intention of reaching organizational objectives and aims to facilitate personal growth for individuals, as they discover and work on their goals. 

Individuals often require guidance and support throughout their careers. They also need support as they make important career decisions, this often includes, but not limited to:

  • Needing someone who will challenge and hold them accountable to their goals. 
  • Needing someone who will shift their way of thinking and give them perspective.
  • Needing someone to facilitate conversations with themselves amongst other people.